Ultimate Corporate Address.

The Ultimate Corporate Address

A Flawless, modern business center
CMC Commercial Center is a sophisticated business center that presents a perfect model of a distinct integrated commercial complexes and supports the business with its modern and high-end facilities, including luxury offices and swimming pool in addition to a multipurpose hall and a restaurant. Located at the heart of Riyadh, CMC boasts a full retail floor featuring high-end brands, advanced infrastructure, and 12 floors of upscale management offices. These luxurious offices are offered for either rental or ownership.

An ideal environment in the most strategic location

At the heart of the vibrant city Riyadh
CMC is an architectural icon in the world of commercial real estate. It lies along the stretch of King Fahad Road in the heart of Riyadh, in proximity to all the city’s vibrant spots. CMC is also connected to the main city roads, pointing north to intersect with three streets that are renowned for their recreational centers, shopping malls, and lively activities. CMC is close to King Abdullah Financial District, KAFD, can be easily accessed through Prince Salman Road and is only 10 minutes away from King Khalid International Airport.

A business environment created to inspire you

Discover the epitome of creativity: Meet CMC
The CMC business centre was founded on this very philosophy of redefining the concept of business towers. It is built for every employee who longs for that perfect work environment and caters a great atmosphere that significantly contributes to employees’ productivity and business progress. CMC offers a flawless blend of highly advanced technological infrastructure, elegant offices, state-of-the-art business facilities, inspiring ambiance that stimulates an ideal sense of comfort and well-being. Simply, a business environment created to inspire you.

As elegant and contemporary as it gets

International Standards
This modern, elegant project was designed in line with the best international standards by one of the leading firms of architectural design, the Consolidated Consultants Group. CMC Tower is one of many consulting and design manifestations of the group’s work, an interpretation of various luxury real estate projects developed managed by Cayan Group.

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