Cayan startup in 2004 was the most exciting phase of real Estate in the region where we aimed for the most rewarding investment opportunities. Such start of Cayan was very distinctive, which was driven by an approach of building unique projects different than the norm and this has positioned Cayan to become an iconic specialized successful group.

Our achievement lies in our creativity, innovation and our commitment to distinction. We strongly believe in the importance of teamwork, integrity and achievement, which are the foundation of our success. Cayan´s philosophy of ´no-compromise´extends to taking responsibility for every aspect of each project, in order to ensure the company´s superior standards are met in every detail.

Our dedication to quality and our aspiration for uniquely inspired designs reflect Cayan´s strive for perfection. Cayan´s vision extends far beyond a grand overview. It´s the dedication for excellence applied to every aspect of our foundation...

All Cayan landmark projects are being developed on the strong foundation of quality, professionalism and an unwavering commitment to value creation for our investors. Our endeavor has been to create an icon within every community, This would not have been possible without professionalism permeating across the entire organization.

We are sharpening our strategy to be our guide into having Cayan one of the most innovative and most admired real estate company. Our goal is to create enormous value for our shareholders, stakeholders, and the economy.

Ahmed M. Alhatti