Cayan Gives Back To Society

Cayan Gives Back To Society

Cayan Smiles Center working with international bodies to help the less privileged in various parts of the world

We, at Cayan have taking it upon ourselves to spread smiles among people. We are working with like-minded individuals and internationally organised bodies to help needed people. Our individual character is a direct reflection of our values in life. Our values are moulded by our experiences and the influences that touch us. As a result Cayan has created the Cayan Smiles Centre.

The Cayan Smiles Center is a gentle way of giving back to our society to show them that we care. Our campaigns and initiatives across Saudi, UAE and beyond focus of lending a helping hand to those who require it and helping to make their lives more meaningful whether through monetary or psychological help or rehabilitating the lives of those affected in disaster zones.

We are mainly aiming to use our experience at Cayan in the field of real estate development, finance, and customer service to help and support without any profit, we believe this is part of our obligation as a successful company. All initiatives are organised and implemented through local and international recognized bodies such as the United Nations.

Especially, in these very challenging economic times, Cayan Smiles Center aim to provide not only economic support but counselling to bring some smiles amidst the grim economic situation. Our efforts are small steps to let those affected by the crisis know that there is still hope and that they have not been left to face their fears by themselves!!

We believe we can make a difference. We remain committed to extend our hand of support to initiatives which help us make a difference to some lives

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