Spiderman To Challenge World’s Tallest Twisted Tower

Spiderman To Challenge World’s Tallest Twisted Tower

Soon, following the inauguration of its tallest twisted architectural creation “Cayan Tower”, the first ever of its kind regarding its unique spiral design and large height, Cayan Investment and Real Estate Development Company received a request from the French Spiderman to climb the tower, by the end of the current year. As such the board of Cayan Group welcomed Spiderman’s request showing their readiness to receive the technical investigation team before setting on a date for tower climbing challenge, which is going to be a first in Dubai city and realty world.

“Commenting on Spiderman’s request, Ahmed Alhatti, president and chairman of Cayan Group, said “Despite Cayan amazingly managed to attract world’s sight and attention, especially among those interested in real estate development and specialised professional on this industry as well as different segments of public audiences; the Spiderman’s team were attracted otherwise; they saw a great opportunity and special difficulty appealing them toward Dubai City, and Cayan Tower, due to its state-of-art engineering construction and lean swerve creation that presents a real challenge for them. The one billion Dirham cost tower comprises of 75-story, stands 310m tall, while its concrete structure rotates 1.2 degree as it ascends around its core and top of the tower is offset 90 degrees from the base. This creation stands by Dubai Marina in a lean architecture form; not mechanically or by any other means, - obviously it is an architectural creativity”.

“On the one hand we wanted to develop a project that integrates in harmony with this environment that embraces enormous global architecture projects, and on the other hand; presents classy lifestyle, adding another unique landmark to the amazing architectural landscape of Dubai city, Alhatti continued.”

“I would also like to thank the Cayan units owners for their trust and confidence in Cayan Group, and tell them that the dream has become a reality and you can now enjoy it and keep it for next generations, God willing. Alhatti added”

Regarding future operation, on the side inauguration ceremonies of Cayan Tower, Alhatti announced that Cayan Investment and Real Estate Development Group intended to launch two new real estate projects in Riyadh at the cost of SR600m; however Alhatti declined to mention the details of the Riyadh projects before the end of the current year.

“Although we are proud of Cayan tower but we realize the great responsibility it represents to us toward our customers who will accept no less than such outstanding design, finishing, slapping works and applied standards therein; with respect to our future real estate development projects.

”It is noteworthy that on June, 10th, 2013, the one billion dirham tower, previously meant to be called “Infinity” got its new name during a 3-D demo inauguration ceremony, which was performed for the first time ever to launch such unique achievement in Dubai City.

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