Cayan Group, The Property Developers And Real Estate Investment Group Presents The First Sample Villa Of Layaly Compound Project

Cayan Group, The Property Developers And Real Estate Investment Group Presents The First Sample Villa Of Layaly Compound Project

Cayan Group, one of the Middle East´s leading Real Estate Developers, is proud to unveil its latest project characterized by its highest international standards of modern architectural design, and its prime location in the district of Riyadh, Jasmine neighborhood. Layaly is a full service residential compound, it is planned to be implemented at the highest level of engineering and planning, providing the best services in terms of design, maintenance and security. It comes to prove once again that Cayan is committed to developing high-end projects designed to suit the modern family lifestyles and leave a trademark in the real estate field.

Cayan has earned a reputation for developing successful projects that invariably receive international acclaim, as it only deals with the best contracting companies to achieve their projects. Cayan collaborated with one of the most important architectural companies to guarantee the highest level of deliverables within the requested high-end specifications.

Lately, the company’s Development Management has communicated that all the foundation works of all the villas have been completed, as Mr. Ahmed Alhatti, Chairman, has ensured that “the company has already sold approximately 60% of the compound’s villas, before their finalization, thanks to their amazing design and outstanding quality, and since the villas are divided into three types of different modern style, designed to suit the lifestyle of every modern family. The Layaly compound is also characterized by its easy-access location, close to all important amenities and services in Riyadh.” Layaly Compound embodies luxurious residential villas with added benefits, such as:

- All villas have immediate access to a public garden inside the compound
- Private swimming pool
- Green spaces with children playgrounds spreading over 3000 square meters
- Security Surveillance guards with cameras all over the compound
- Continuous assistance and maintenance
- Rooms for drivers and housemaids

The Group has invited all its partners as well as interested personalities to come and visit the project’s location in Jasmine Neighborhood, and witness the excellence of the first villa prototype that clearly shows the highest quality standards of the whole compound.

About CAYAN Group:

Cayan Group Profile:
Since its inception, Cayan Group has evolved into one of the Middle East´s leading real estate developers. With solid financial backing, Cayan Group has earned a reputation for developing projects that invariably receive international acclaim.

Cayan Group is an international leading property developers and real estate investment group with offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE.

Cayan Development portfolio features high rise buildings, which include residential complexes, commercial towers & centres, hospitality projects and multipurpose gated communities.

Cayan Group has been in the real estate development business since 2004 and has successfully achieved its targets and development goals. Its highly qualified team and value to quality together with unmatched customer satisfaction allowed Cayan Group to enjoy its superior market reputation, which shall be the drive to continue its improvement and success.

CAYAN´s Local Awards:

• Best Project,
• Best Website for Real Estate Developer,
• Best Company for Marketing Real Estate in DubaiCAYAN´s

International Awards:

• Best Architecture Worldwide in 2006
• Best Universal Skyscraper in 2007

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