Cayan Group Partners With Renowned International Artist Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi

Cayan Group Partners With Renowned International Artist Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi

Multi-award winning spiral tower, Cayan Tower, to display handpicked masterpieces throughout its hallways and entrances
Cayan Group, a leading real estate developer in the Middle East, today announced its partnership with renowned international artist, Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi.

In line with Cayan’s mission and artistic awareness, and as a demonstration of its influence on modern architecture in Dubai and Riyadh, the Group has embraced new means of expressing architectural development. This involved bridging the gap between the human senses and actual modern architecture – an attempt to bring luxury and elegance to a whole new level. A leading real estate developer in the Middle East, Cayan Group has embraced international art and is currently cooperating with artists worldwide. The objective is to add inspiring touches to Cayan’s architectural masterpieces, starting by displaying the most impressive works of the international artist Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi in the hallways of Cayan Tower and Cayan Business Center in Dubai.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Hatti, Chairman of Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development stated: “It is our pleasure to sponsor a renowned international artist and display her spectacular paintings, and we are proud of getting closer to real artistic pioneers. This form of art will create an inspiring harmony which will cast a true elevated sense of refinement upon our projects in the eyes of all appreciators of beauty, expressing their inner creativity. What we also strive to identify and improve, as real-estate developers, is our ability to walk hand in hand with future innovations, knowing the connection between the art of painting, taste, and refinement in terms of residential standards and the art of modern architecture.”

This great interest in art and creativity stems from the artistic passion of Cayan Group’s leaders, be it modern or classical art, as well as their thorough knowledge of its direct influence on modern architecture. Their particular choice of this talented artist is due to her inseparable and concrete ties with architecture, which she had inherited from her father who was a highly respected architect. Zsuzsanna says that she considers Cayan Tower a true masterpiece, adding “I fell in love with this tower the minute I saw it, and I’ve always dreamt of exhibiting my work there, and the dream came true.”

Cayan Group is keen on bringing its profound understanding of art and the artistic impact on modern architecture to life. The various dimensions of art and its precious essence are a manifestation of creativity that represents a location’s ingenuity and spirit. Art is the memory that reserves people’s values and identity today and tomorrow. It interprets people’s hidden feelings and dreams, creatively conveying them through tangible building elements. It is a creative torch that adds light to people’s lives and enriches civilizations; civilizations which have carried marvelous artistic forms that continue to influence modern architecture, and remain the foundation of its ongoing progress. This is evident in today’s remarkable designs and impressions around the world, which are mere translations of the brilliance of modern architects along with the immortality of art and all that it carries within its folds.

The international artist’s paintings are displayed in the hallways and entrances of Cayan Tower and Cayan Business Center in Dubai so that guests can embark on an exceptional artistic experience and enjoy an ambiance of artistic luxury.

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Since its inception, Cayan Group has evolved into one of the Middle East´s leading real estate developers. With solid financial backing, Cayan Group has earned a reputation for developing projects that invariably receive international acclaim.Cayan Group is an international leading property developers and real estate investment group with offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE.Cayan Development portfolio features high rise buildings, which include residential complexes, commercial towers & centres, hospitality projects and multipurpose gated communities.Cayan Group has been in the real estate development business since 2004 and has successfully achieved its targets and development goals. Its highly qualified team and value to quality together with unmatched customer satisfaction allowed Cayan Group to enjoy its superior market reputation, which shall be the drive to continue its improvement and success.

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    • Best Architecture Worldwide in 2006
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