total solution
Cayan total solution

Cayan delivers a total solution to all kinds of Real Estate projects, from initial concept through completion and handover to ongoing maintenance and support. By managing each interface in the construction process, we ensure the end result matches the original design concept. Working in harmony with our partners companies, Cayan provides a unique approach in developing, maintaining & managing projects through cooperation and experience.

Cayan team integrates the efforts of all departments through interface to provide the required Technical and Legal Audit, Value Engineering, reduce cost and minimize risks for a successful completion of each and every project.

Cayan has the expertise to undertake various projects with different methods.
Composed of highly experienced technical staff of professional licensed engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, with skilled legal advisors integrated to form the Engineering / Technical Department, Commercial / Contracts Department and Administrative Department all equipped with project management expertise to handle the company´s project portfolio.

Business Development

  • Market Research & Analysis Orientation to market´s demo-graphical dynamics.
  • Awareness of geographical zoning and the relationship to the diversity of cultures and household income. 
  • Analysis of long term projections. 
  • Evaluate area´s accessibility, public services, and commercial amenities.
  • Strong relations with officials and private sector. 
  • Finding the unique opportunity.

Finance & Administration

  • Accounting Financial Analysis. 
  • feasibility studies and cash flows. 
  • Cost Management. 
  • Land Evaluation. 
  • Feasibility study. 
  • Investment & Risk analysis.
  • Market study and exploration. 
  • Project´s Funding.
  • Budgeting & Reporting. 
  • Financial Modeling. 
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Projects Accounting.

Development & Engineering

  • Pre-Development management. 
  • Consultant management. Cost & Budget Management. 
  • Project Planning & Scheduling. 
  • Tender Management. Development Management. 
  • Construction management procedures. 
  • Construction Contract Administration Procedures.
  •  Construction quality management. 
  • Completion Procedures. 
  • Facility Management & Handing Over.

Marketing & Communication

  • Marketing Planning.
  • Public Relations.
  • Events Management. 
  • Exhibitions and private events. 
  • Market Segmentation. Project Identity. 
  • Promotions & Advertisement.
  •  Multimedia marketing.

Sales & Leasing

  • Professional Sales Team (Male & Female). 
  • Retail Sales Management. 
  • Wide experience in sales and leasing of apartments, luxury units, villas, offices and retails. 
  • Strong relations with international brokerage firms.

Customer Service & Owners Association

  • Security & Safety. 
  • Tenant Satisfaction. 
  • Maintenance: 24 hours a day 7 days a week we answer maintenance complaints and arrange for repair work. 
  • A regular preventive maintenance conducted to ensure. 
  • Financials & Reporting:
  • Fully manages financial transactions related to property rent collection, services and vendors. 
  • Monthly, the owner receives a detailed property report and a financial statement covering the breakdown of the month´s activity.