group structure
Cayan Group structure

Tasked as the service provider of design and project management towards real estate developments where it will assume the role of either (a) landlord, in addition to acting consultant for real estate design and project management, or (b) real estate design and project management consultants on behalf of 3rd party landlords. 
The functions and responsibilities tied to this business unit will include design, project management, marketing, finance, human resources, administration and business development of operations in both Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Designated as the service provider for sales, leasing, and property management, this business unit will not only pursue the brokerage services of Cayan Development’s product inventory, but in addition will actively seek to (a) re-sell properties within existing Cayan developments, (b) oversee product inventory of 3rd party developments where Cayan have either exclusive access or partial access to domestic sales/leasing mandates and (c) product inventory of 3rd party developments where Cayan have either exclusive access or partial access to international sales/leasing mandates. 


Is the service provider of all aspects related to Cayan’s operations that encompass customer management, the care and relations for both pre and post handovers of property asset management requirements that include facility management, home owners association, collection of payment installments, sales & purchase agreement preparations, the issuance of title deeds, dealings with the UAE authorities, terminations due to default of payments, other RERA driven documentations, warranty service standards, and customer/community relations management related to collection of service fees, managing community events and the distribution of newsletters.


Will either carry out direct investments or conceptualize, design and operate hospitality products, services and solutions that include, but are not limited to, (a) Health & Wellness Spas, (b) Restaurants, (c) Retail, and (d) Serviced Apartments. The majority of the services provided through this subsidiary will be outsourced, aside from design, development and marketing of hospitality products, services and/or solutions to be managed ‘in house’ within the Cayan Group. Any outsourced parties are obliged to meet the standards of Cayan and must focus on serving client needs through relevant and innovative product and service solutions.


Is the assigned subsidiary group that will retain all assets owned by Cayan Group while providing a lease back services to other business units/companies owned, and held under the legal structure of, Cayan Group. Its liability would be limited to signing tenancy contracts.

Functional structure

Cayan team integrates the efforts of all departments through interface to provide the required Technical and Legal Audit, Value Engineering, reduce cost and minimize risks for a successful completion of each and every project. Cayan has the expertise to undertake various projects with different methods. Composed of highly experienced technical staff of professional Licensed Engineers, Architects, quantity Surveyors, with skilled legal advisors integrated to form the Engineering / Technical Department, Commercial / Contracts Department and Administrative Department all equipped with project management expertise to handle the company´s project portfolio.